Letter to the Editor from Former Council Member Mellema

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In the November 7, 2015, copy of the Cadillac News, Mayor Filkins responded to my letter. In that response, Ms. Filkins made statements I cannot ignore, about my character and ethical standards, concerning an honest, open, transparent government.

Ms. Filkins and I are privy to the same information concerning ethics violations, the Ethics Policy removal, the Police Department's opening and title changes of January 5, 2015, the City Manager's involvement with personnel records and filling of a Civil Service Commission seat, and the settlement of Mr. Golnick's grievances. Amazingly, the Mayor and I walked away from all of these issues with completely different impressions!

I have a solution, Mayor. You and City Council can wave your confidentiality rights and vote to release the City's closed sessions "tapes," along with the City Attorney's written legal opinions, concerning the above items. Likewise, the Civil Service Commission would need to do the same. Additionally, the council can grant the 14 citizen's FOIA denial appeals from the last meeting in October. Let the public decide!

Stop hiding behind opinions. This is what you and some of the council have done consistently. Let the public decide! Don't continue to use citizen's "tax dollars" to stop open government! Granting this is fully within the council's authority.

After tapes and legal opinions are provided, we will see who is making "false allegations," doing a cover-up and "engaging in further petty politics." Let the public decide! This will show if "Core Value" words are just words or if they're as effective as the Ethics Policy was.

If you truly want to unite the city and move forward as you've said, then agree to do this! Citizens of Cadillac, if you haven't read my entire letter of resignation, please go to cadillacflashlight.com or cadillacnews.com.

Douglas W. Mellema