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A small group of individuals have sponsored this site for the sole purpose of making documents available for the public to review, and to decide for themselves the meaning and purpose of those documents in the context of community issues. These individuals are not endorsing any position contained in the documents posted; nor are they endorsing any comment of this site. They are simply supporters of posting documents in full, for the public to have access to them.

A thorough source of information not found in other local media outlets.
“We believe in the truth”

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Latest FOIA Information:

NEW February 2019: Cedar Creek Township Deep Injection Well Ordinance

Cedar Creek Township Deep Injection Well Ordinance, January 2019

November 2017: Letter to the Editor from Former Council Member Mellema (1 page)

October 2017: Excerpt of Jury Trial - Novak v. Stalker, Form of Verdict: June 30, 2016 (21 pages)

October 2017: Excerpt of Jury Trial - Novak v. Stalker, Cross Examination: June 29, 2016 (110 pages)

October 2017: Excerpt of Jury Trial - Novak v. Stalker, Testimony of Eye Witness and Wade: June 28, 2016 (96 pages)

September 2017: Invoices/Statements Received by City of Cadillac from Contractors and Vendors since May 2016 pertaining to Road Work, City Park, and Rotary Pavillion - Parts 1-10 (227 pages)

August 2017: Clam Lake Township v Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs/State Boundary Commission, Teridee LLC, and City of Cadillac (21 pages)

August 2017: Plaintiff v. City of Cadillac (61 pages)

August 2017: Plaintiffs v. City of Cadillac (163 pages)

July 2017: Speakout Letters Cadillac News Refused to Print

May 2017: 102nd Rep Hoitenga: Michigan Department of State Investigation of Complaints Response (5 pages)

May 2017: List of 102nd Rep Hoitenga Campaign Contributors FOIA (14 pages)

May 2017: Current Contract between Wexford County Road Commission and Manager Alan Cooper (8 pages)

May 2017: Copy of resignation letter submitted by Former County Administrator Patrick Jordan (7 pages)

Possible Election Violations: Michele Hoitenga - Part I (39 pages)

Secretary of State Letter to Michele Hoitenga (2 pages)

Hoitenga Response to Farage Complaint (6 pages)

Farage Rebuttal to Michele Hoitenga Reponse (7 pages)

Possible Election Violations: Michele Hoitenga - Part II (29 pages)

Kangas Complaint Docs, Sec. of State Response, Hoitenga Response, Kangas Rebuttal (13 pages)

Available FOIA Information:

Statement from Doug Mellema (1 page)

Resignation Letter from Councilman Mellema (3 pages)

Letter of Intent on Reelection Councilman Stevens (3 pages)

Police Chief Hiring Process FOIA (52 pages)

CAPS FOIA on Bullying Policy (22 pages)

Cadillac Police Department FOIA (3 pages)

Cadillac Smoking Resolution FOIA (23 pages)

Councilman Mellema letter to Council on being left out of the City Manager Evaluation (1 page)

FOIA: City Manager Evaluation (18 pages)

FOIA on David Ferris v. City of Cadillac (62 pages)

MERC Decision from Command Officers Association of Michigan (17 pages)

Director of Law Enforcement Position FOIA & Boersma Lawsuit Expenses, Invoices (59 pages)

FOIA Request Regarding any Uncompleted FOIAs from 2013-14 (10 pages)

FOIA Response to Fall 2014 MML Conference Request (23 pages)

Ethics Violation Complaint (Revised) (2 pages)

FOIA: City to Gordon Maxwell Concerning Legal Opinions of Carla Filkins Conflict (7 pages)

Art Stevens Letter Recusing Himself from City Ethics Committee (5 pages)


FOIA: Letter to Wex. County Prosecutor regarding Filkins Deposition (3 pages)

FOIA: Order of Appointment of Special Prosecutor (3 pages)

FOIA Received from Clare County Prosecutor Ambrozaitis (5 pages)




FOIA - CWTA RESPONSE (117 pages)

OMA Summons and Complaint (13 pages)

Golnick Ethics Board Hearing FOIA (148 pages)

Blackburn Deposition Files (233 pages)

Deposition of Filkins Redacted (36 pages)

UPDATE: FOIA Depositions regarding City of Cadillac v Jim Blackburn

FOIA Depositions (244 pages of documents)
Blackburn Voicemail and Email Transcripts (11 pages of documents)

Information is added as it becomes available

Wexford County Animal Control FOIA, May 2013 (1,290 pages of documents)
City Attorney Contract Issue (206 pages of documents)
City Wellfield Issue (172 pages of documents)
Wexford County Audit (39 pages of documents)
Animal Control FOIA (152 pages of documents)
Cadillac 2012 Forensic Audit (144 pages of documents)
City of Cadillac v Jim Blackburn (543 pages of documents)